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Leo Woman..Choosing Between Aries & Virgo Man

Questions about marriage and relationships.
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Leo Woman..Choosing Between Aries & Virgo Man

Postby Fire&Desire86 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:33 am

Hello everyone!

I'm a Leo woman who is confused about what I should do about an Aries man and a Virgo man.

The Aries man is who I feel the most drawn to. We fit perfectly and it's just this unexplained energy and passion between the two of us that I simply can not find the words to describe. However, this Aries is going through a break up (she's a Scorpio) and is not in a great place emotionally. We have the most incredible time together and he tells me that he feels equally as drawn to me and doesn't want me out of his life but feels conflicted about if he should go back to his ex and try to work things out with her because he feels sad about breaking his promise to her. But the thing is that he knows that he is much happier with me and tells me this frequently; he even said that he never met a woman like me before.

So because he's in limbo and I don't like feeling like a second place trophy, I started to date someone else (I didn't tell the Aries because he seems a bit possessive and jealous and always asks me about if I'm with other men in a very stern manner).

The Virgo man seems to be completely and utterly smitten with me (which I adore about him because the Aries isn't as attentive as the Virgo guy is). He has even mentioned marriage and children and has said that he could see himself marrying a woman like me. He seems much more stable, sure, and grounded than the Aries but I just don't feel the same intensity with him. He feels like the safer choice but not the most earth shattering and passionate choice like the Aries. But the Aries has yet to make a firm decision about me. The Aries says that he needs me in his life but he's just dealing with something very difficult and can't give me all of him right now. I tried to cut things off with him and the Aries came back chasing me down hard and practically begging me to at least be his friend. Which quickly turned back into an intense love affair.

I am leaning towards moving on with the Virgo. Slowing I'm trying to cut my feelings from the Aries but it's almost like he can sense me pulling away because he (the Aries) has become more aggressive the more I try to focus on the Virgo. But I worry that as time moves forward that me and the Virgo will have more problems in a relationship than I would have with the Aries. For instance, the Virgo seems to always talk so negatively about the people he works with and me being the sunny and positive Leo that I am, hates to hear him always being so negative about people--its a turn off. The Aries is equally as positive as I am and we tend to look at things from a more optimistic perspective. Also, the Virgo guy puts me on a unrealistic pedal stool which worries me because I'm not perfect and I'm afraid that once he's sees my imperfections that he may not like me as much. I want him to like me for me and not because I check off all of his boxes and sometimes I feel like his attraction to me is more practical rather than raw chemistry. But overall the Virgo knows what he wants and so do I, which I love how decisive he is. But I feel like I'm leading the Virgo too much. I know Leos are supposed to want to be in control all the time but as a woman, a bit of me yearns for the type of control and leadership that the Aries man has; he is much more confident and forceful and me and the Aries feel evenly yoked instead of one of us being stronger than the other. I feel like I'm so much stronger and more in control than the Virgo and I kind of dislike that. But the most important thing is that I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready to be more settled down and although the Aries lights my fire like no other man, his confusion is off putting.

Again, I'm leaning more towards the Virgo because he's stable and reliable but I feel like I'd have a much better and more fulfilling relationship with the Aries. Any suggestions?

-Confused Leo Lady :(
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Re: Leo Woman..Choosing Between Aries & Virgo Man

Postby Sana » Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:34 am

Hey Leo girl,

I am a Leo woman myself and I am filing for divorce from a Virgo. I have posted my problem separately in this problem. I am no astrologer but from my personal experience Virgo husband is the worst type there is. Aries is anytime better. Virgo men point out faults and criticize and are always unhappy with wife or almost everyone. The don't have decision making power and have communication problems as well. They always criticize and they are calculative. Aries are aggressive but you need a husband who can take charge and lead a life where he secures his wife. Believe me Virgos expect too much from wife and they don't think its their responsibility to protect the female. This natural instinct is missing. Aries may be fighting with you but he will go all out to protect and keep his lady happy.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Leo Woman..Choosing Between Aries & Virgo Man

Postby subho123 » Wed Nov 23, 2016 6:40 pm

There are millions of virgo men. Do you really think all of them do not want to protect or do not hold any responsibilities for their females? What do they want? Do they want you to work for them and earn money? Or they want to do your household works even after your office? Rethink it. I think they love you and when you become or feel too much independent then they feel the fear of being abandoned(ofcourse in relation or after being married).

Its your state of mind which you are sharing try to find out what he really thinks. May be your compatibility doesnt work that doesnt mean that all the virgos are of same kind. Now you have come to astrology. Why didnt you come before marriage and have chart matched?

Every sign has some pros and cons.. Never relate somebody only to their sign. There are manymore factors. If you come to that only then i will rather say virgo are sensitive, loyal, and can easily understand what is there in your mind.

If you truely believe astrology. Have your chart match before starting a relationship or getting married.
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