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Mahabhagya Yoga & financial prospects

Questions about money and income.
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Mahabhagya Yoga & financial prospects

Postby Ashok » Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:22 pm

See Chart of native born on 2nd Jan 1965 at 1430 hrs in Bangalore, India.

Rasi Chart: Aries ascendant with Jupiter (R); Rahu in 2nd; Mars in 6th; Venus, Mercury & Ketu in 8th; Sun & Moon in 9th; Saturn in 11th.

Navamsa Chart: Sagittarius Ascendant with Saturn; Mars in Capricorn; Venus & Mercury in Aquarius; Ketu in Pisces; Moon in Cancer; Sun & Rahu in Virgo; Jupiter in Libra.

Feedback is invited on financial status/prospects in view of:

1) 9th Lord Jupiter in Lagna aspecting 9th house, aspected by lagna lord mars and swakshetra 10th & 11th lord Saturn.

2) 4th lord Moon & 5th lord Sun combining in Raja Yoga combination in the 9th house aspected by 9th lord Jupiter & lagna lord mars. Note that 4th, 5th, 9th & 1st lords are involved/associated in the raja yoga.
Phaladeepika mentions an ascetic yoga of weak moon aspected by lagna lord making the native get his food & drink with great difficulty & goes on to say that if the ascetic yoga combination involves a raja yoga, it pulls out by the roots all the evil effects & produces a king initiated into asceticism, at whose feet other kings make salutations with their heads bent. Further, the association of lords of 1, 4, 5 & 9 involving luminaries Sun & Moon in Raja Yoga in 9th with 9th lord Devaguru Jupiter in lagna
seems to indicate a maharaja mahabhagya yoga. Lagna lord aspects lagna & occupies exalted navamsa.

3) Mahabhagya Yoga caused by sun, moon & lagna in odd signs in day birth further strengthened by 9th lord Jupiter in lagna aspecting the 9th, aspected by lagna lord & above sun-moon raja yoga in 9th house. Note that as per Jaimini also, Sun-Moon will give raja yoga by conjunction and
they are in 11th from Karakamsa Lagna Aquarius.(Rasi occupied by Atmakaraka in Navamsa).

4) Saturn as lord of 10th & 11th is in 11th & occupies his own varga many times - own rasi, own drekkana, own trimsamsa etc and has 9.97 rupas strength. Saturn ain own house or exalted in the 11th house is also said to give a Mahabhagya Yoga.

5) Rahu in 2nd house is exalted and further aspected by lord of the house venus (also amatyakaraka) becoming a yogakaraka. Rahu, also aspected by atmakaraka mercury, occupies own sign virgo in 10th house in the navamsa chart & occupies 10th house in the dasamsa chart. Further, exalted Rahu is in 10th from Hora Lagna which signifies wealth.

6) Parivartana between 6th & 8th lords which by Jaimini analysis is a parivartana between atmakaraka mercury & DK Mars.

The chart shows highly spiritual qualities as also material affluence.

What does the chart indicate about wealth/financial prosperity?

Feedback & analysis is welcome.

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