saturn - deliverance from life's lessons

This article appeared in the Maui Vision Magazine
Aug/Sept issue 2004 issue

It’s no secret that in the celestial pantheon Saturn is the dreaded Lord of Karma – deliverer of life’s hardest lessons. The title is not without justification. Difficult periods in our lives can often be traced to Saturn’s influence in our astrology chart. However, what really makes a situation difficult? In one word: preferences. Seng-t`san, the third Zen patriarch, explained it clearly when he said, “The Great Way is not difficult for those who have no preferences.” When we’re able to widen the range of what is acceptable we suffer less. This is where Saturn steps in. By delivering painful circumstances, like a loss of some kind, we’re forced to face our attachments and release them. We soul search and open up to new possibilities. I like to think of Saturn as a force of deliverance. We often need breakdowns in order to experience breakthroughs. This is Saturn’s gift. His planetary rings, suggesting limitation, are deceptive. Saturn is actually the “lord of the rings” and ultimately teaches us how we can experience freedom through wise detachment.

It’s interesting that in July the Cassini spacecraft made history by reaching the rings of Saturn where it will stay within the enormous planet’s orbit for four years. We’re getting a whole new look at Saturn from the inside with stunning, never-been-seen photographs. Since our external world reflects our internal world this could represent an opportunity to collectively face our limiting, fear-based patterns. It’s another sign, perhaps like the Venus transit in June, that it’s time to raise our vibration by living more responsibly and harmoniously. I like to think so anyway. It’s my preference.