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From an article published in Journal of Astrology, Jan-Mar 2008

Astrological indicators do benefit. A 29 year old came to me for predictions in June, 2007. He first asked me about his career, the usual concern expected from this age group. Then during the course of the conversation he told me that his family is keen on getting him married, and they are looking for a bride for him. This emerged as the prime reason for his meeting with me. He wanted my advice on this important matter. I advised him to get married after September 2008 and told him that the reason why he should delay getting married was because the period till then did not appear peaceful.

He came to me again in November 2007 and informed me that soon after he met me five months ago, he got engaged to an air hostess. The girl was his choice and the match was approved by the families. The engagement ceremony was performed. It was a joyous occasion and he was happy. But this happiness was short lived. What followed was a spate of misunderstandings, disputes and disappointments. The engagement broke up and he was sad. The prediction given by me kept his hopes alive. He had become a staunch believer in astrology and was looking forward to September 2008.

Natal Chart

The Promise
The lagna lord Venus is the 12th house with exalted and vargottama 4th lord Sun. Venus, in the navamsha is in the 2nd house, in its mulatrikona rashi, Libra, but in the Rahu-Ketu axis and aspected by debilitated Saturn from the 8th house.

There is no aspect on the lagna in the birth horoscope, except for that of a weak Saturn from the 4th house. Thus, it can be concluded that there are no major afflictions to the lagna or the lagna lord, but the lagna lords position in the 12th house and its affliction in the navamsha show a weakness. The lagna is an important house for analysis of marriage matters as it happens to be 7th from the 7th (bhavat bhavam principle) and Venus, the lagna lord, is the significator of marriage. The 2nd house is also important for marriage matters as it is the Kutumbh Bhava (family). Marriage brings in changes in the family and therefore this house has been found activated many times during marriage through dashas and transits. The 2nd house has Jupiter-Moon forming a gajakesari yoga, which is good, though the lordships of Jupiter is of the 11th and 8th, and that of the Moon, the 3rd, both malefic.

Navamsha Chart (D9)

The 2nd lord, Mercury, is debilitated in the 11th house and is conjunct with Ketu. It goes to the 6th house in the navamsha indicating a serious weakness in the Kutumbh (family). Therefore only adverse results can be expected in the dasha of Mercury-Ketu with regard to family. The 4th, which is the house to be seen for happiness (sukh) and home is also an important house for marriage. It is in papakatari yoga, as Rahu is in the 5th and debilitated Mars is in the 3rd. It is further afflicted by placement of Saturn there, which gets debilitated in the 8th house in the navamsha, and is with Rahu there. 4th lord, though exalted and vargottama, is in the 12th, the house of loss.

The 7th house, the most important house for marriage, is not aspected by any planet. Its lord, Mars, debilitated in the 3rd house is a serious weakness. The 8th house, another house to be seen for marriage, is well disposed with its lord Jupiter aspecting it.

In the navamsha the 7th lord Jupiter is well placed in the 4th house, which is a favorable disposition. But Rahu, Saturn, and Sun are in the 8th house of navamsha and Mars is in the lagna which is not good.

From the Moon, Jupiter the 7th lord is with the Moon and aspects the 7th, which is its own house. This is a favorable disposition. The 4th house has Rahu, so the 4th house from both the lagna and the Moon are weak.

In Jaimini, the darakaraka is Saturn, in the 4th house and the dasha was of Capricorn-Sagittarius, from April 15, 2007-Sept 15, 2007. The 7th from Capricorn has the debilitated Mars and Sagittarius, the eventful rashi, is in the 8th house of the birth horoscope. So only adverse results could be got during this time. In the varshapal chart the 7th lord, mars is in the Rahu-Ketu axis and the lagna lord, Venus, is in the 8th, further indicating problems.

Dasha and Transit

The transit of Saturn in Leo, under Rahu-Ketu axis in transit, is unfavorable and indicative of problems. The dasha of 2nd lord Mercury-Ketu had to be unfavorable for the family, represented by the 2nd house, as it is debilitated in Rahu-Ketu axis and is in the 6th house of navamsha.

The Prediction

Overall, though there is a promise of marriage because there are favorable configurations, the dasha and transit was not favorable enough to translate them into marriage when he came for the prediction. The dashas of Mer-Mer-Saturn and Mer-Ketu were sure to give adverse results of the 2nd house. This is because Mercury is debilitated and afflicted by Ketu in the 11th house, which is 6th from the 6th, a house of disputes. The dasha of Mer-Mer-Saturn and transits were so bad as to give adverse results like break in engagement and related problems. With Saturn in the 4th house, under papakartari yoga and its debilitation in the 8th house in the navamsha on the Rahu-Ketu axis a Saturn sub dasha had to be bad.

He lost his father in the dasha of Mer-Mer-Venus. Venus is the 2nd and 7th lord from the Sun, both in the natal chart and the dwadasamsha (D12). Mercury is in the 2nd from the 9th house of D12 and is 7th lord from the 9th house. This is a combination for father's death already published as a collective research paper in Journal of Astrology.

Dwadasamsha Chart (D12)

Based on the overall positioning of planets, his Mercury-Venus dasha would be good and there is a strong possibility of marriage as Venus is the significator of marriage and is the lagna lord and Mercury is the 2nd lord.

reprinted with permission