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Swami Paramanand Saraswati
Swami Paramanand Saraswati 

from Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time - ch. 1

Few months before he took samadhi (a yogi's conscious death),the great yogi, Devaraha Baba, had told a friend-astrologer:"Bachcha, ye pavitra vidya hai, ise chhodana nahin," meaning, "It (Vedic astrology) is a sacred vidya (branch of knowledge). Do not give it up."

Every great and true mahatma (great soul) I have met, has called it both sacred and a vidya... I have referred in my article on Dr. Nagendra Singh, former judge of the International Court of Justice (The Astrological Magazine, January 1984), how mahatmas have spoken of astrology and instructed me, not to give it up. From time to time what they have said is:

Astrology should be treated as a part of sadhana (spiritual practice) was the advice of my late Guruji, Swami Paramanand Saraswati, my mantra guru.   

Astrology is the only vidya (knowledge) which shows clearly how cosmic laws operate through planets, but at a later stage, it should be given up lest it become an obstacle to sadhana, was the opinion of my jyotish guru, Swami Bhaskaranandji.

Swami Bhaskaranandji 
Swami Bhaskaranandji 

Swami Moorkhanandji must have told me more than a dozen times not to give up astrology. He told me that astrology had to be a mission, a service done without money consideration, to keep alive its sacredness. He knew some of those secrets which, I know, that only mahatmas know, and are not given in any text book of astrology. He shared some of them with me, when I could be alone with him, which was rare.

Yogi Moorkhanandji 
Yogi Moorkhanandji and K.N. Rao 1981

Mouni Baba of Ujjain told me to overcome my problems which astrology created for me, to give consultations to least number of people and concentrate my energy on more research in a cloistered, sequestered life. This was the best advice I ever got. 

"Always remember the four 'mahavakyas' (great axioms) of astrology - have faith; be diligent and practice patience; humbly learn from your mistakes, and live a life of service. Then the divine lotus of astrology will open in you." - K.N. Rao 

reprinted with permission