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There has been a lot of doom and gloom talk by Vedic astrologers regarding the mutual aspect of the Mars and Saturn, that is now occuring until February 6th when Mars moves into Taurus. There is some obvious reasons for this. These are both first rate malefic planets with Mars in its own volatile militaristic fire sign of Aries and Saturn is in an enemy's sign of Cancer. Just a casual glance at the news since July 19th when Mars entered Aries reveals the destructive power of this mutual aspect: hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the recent earthquake in Pakistan to name just a few of the horrific natural disasters.

However, since Jupiter has entered Libra on September 28th there has been another development that I think is worth noting. On that very day Tom Delay, the House majority leader, was indicted for criminal conspiracy regarding campaign funding. Jupiter is the planet of ethics, and since Jupiter entered Libra and began aspecting Mars in Aries there have been numerous ethics issues that have come to the surface that have exposed the criminal activity of the Bush administration. This also represents when the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn are both aspecting Mars in Aries. Other top leaders in the Bush administration who have been under fire for ethics issues in the last few weeks are Karl Rove, Bill Frist, and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby. I find this encouraging and hopeful and indicative of the power and importance of Jupiter in corrupt times.

Chart of October 16, 2005  

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, ethics, faith and hope. Our outlook becomes more positive as we focus on our spiritual life and connect to Jupiter's noble qualities. Jupiter is the planet of inspiration and I'm encouraged by how many people are choosing to live their inspiration by doing positive work in the world. Jupiter is also the planet of solutions, and solutions only become possible when we're focusing on them and not just the problems. No matter how difficult things look on a personal or planetary level there's always hope for a better life.