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In the previous post I quoted K.N. Rao as describing many negative characteristics of malefic planets (Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu and the Sun) in kendras (angular houses 1, 4, 7, 10). 

Here is the Vedic astrology chart of Ted Bundy, the infamous serial killer of the 1970's who was eventually executed for his crimes. Notice how he has Mars, Rahu, Ketu and the Sun in kendras. He has a total of five planets in Scorpio, which is a malefic rasi (sign) ruled by Mars, a malefic planet. Scorpio is also a secretive, intense and violent rasi which becomes even more so when Mars and Ketu are located there, two fiery planets. There are two benefic planets, Mercury and the Moon, located in Scorpio. However, both of these planets are weak by nature because they take on the characteristics of the planets they are associated with. In addition, the Moon is not only debilitated in Scorpio but it is weak by being dark or a new Moon. 

Ted Bundy was known as the "Poster Boy" of serial killers. He was handsome, charming and would lure young beautiful woman to have sex with him, and then violently murder them. Notice how he has Jupiter and Venus conjunct in Libra. Venus is strong in Libra and is very outgoing, attractive, and charming.

Ted Bundy's Birth Data 

Horoscope of Ted Bundy
Natal Chart of Ted Bundy