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In the case of great saints for who siddhis (spiritual powers) become a part of their lives, the period of success of theirsadhana (spiritual practices) should be seen. Thereafter their siddhis will continue with them. 

But in the case of ordinary mortals like me, since I have studied many such cases, I can say confidently that it occurs most:

a) In the major or sub-periods of planets in Karka (Cancer) orMeena (Pisces), preferably in second and third dreshkonas(drekkanas). What we call sarpa dreshkonas, represents the kundalini power in a spiritual sense. Vrishchika (Scorpio) gives this power but with a good deal of morbidity. Karka and Meena are the rashis (signs) of Moon and Jupiter and maybe because of their beneficent nature, they color the clairovoyant with sweet divinity.

b) Such visions occur in the periods of the 5th and the 9th lords also. 

c) Planets in the 8th house, having a very substantial role in such visions, the range and frequency almost unlimited. 

In transit, Jupiter aspecting natal Ketu or in the 5th or 9th house from the lagna seems to be the best time for such visions. 

I have further noticed that those who have such combinations mostly in the 12th house, get experiences in dreams, while those with the 5th or 9th houses involved may get it sometimes in puja (worship) or in their dreams. But those who have it in the 8th house get it in all states, dreams, meditations, or even when walking and waking hours. 

But I must warn that clairvoyant vision need not be the sign of any spiritual progress. I know of many who have clairvoyant visions but no spiritual discipline in their lives. Clairvoyance is, more often than not, a psychic gift rather than a spiritual gift. Saints who have it only have to close their eyes and see it all. Psychics who have it go into some sort of trance which can occur anytime. If they are lacking in spiritual discipline, which primarily is taking sattvic (pure) foods, their aberrations are too many. I have met some psychics in India and even one of the well known foreign psychics who visits India once in a while. Their 'predictions' are too limited in range, too slippery to be of much value. Though I will concede that sometimes they do come out with something startling. 

But far superior to clairvoyance is honest and deep work on a horoscope astrologically. The results are more dependable, substantial and, once in a while, spectacular

reprinted with permission