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Here's the Vedic astrology chart of a man who, like in yesterday's article, has also been a professional psychic for more than twenty five years. Notice how he has three planets in the 8th house, Venus, Ketu and Mars. Mars and Venus form a raja yoga in the 8th house as the rulers of the 4th and 5th houses respectively. This gives tremendous success and status in 8th house matters like psychic development and metaphysical studies. K.N. Rao says that, "Planets in the 8th house, have a very substantial role in [clairvoyant] visions, the range and frequency almost unlimited." This has been the case in this man's life. He has been a very popular psychic and has given more than 10,000 readings in nearly 30 years. 

Notice also how there is a parivartana yoga or an exchange of signs between the Sun and Venus, who are the rulers of the 8th and 10th houses respectively. Venus is in the Sun's sign of Leo, while the Sun is debilitated in Venus's sign of Libra. This creates a powerful connection between the 10th house of career and the 8th house of metaphysics. 

He was in a Jupiter mahadasha from 1973 to 1989 during which time he began his career as a psychic. Again K.N. Rao says that clairvoyant visions happen most in the dashas or sub dashas of planets in Pisces or Cancer. In this case, this man has Jupiter in Pisces and during Jupiter's dasha he had many such clairvoyant visions. This also continued through his Saturn mahadasha. Saturn is closely aspected by Jupiter in Pisces. 

It's interesting to note that these last two charts of psychics both have their ascendants in earth signs, which must help to balance their otherwise other-worldly natures in the practical world.