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Belief in predestination never makes you pessimistic. The laws of karmas are inexorable. No one excapes them, in this birth or next births, otherwise astrology loses all its base. There are astrologers, who seeing other people prosper through wrong means and not suffer, begin to lose faith in the results of karma. Many of them have argued with me in a futile way, forgetting that it is the mahadasha scheme and yogas that show when and how the results of karmas will fructify. Those who adopting wrong means and prospering must be passing through prosperity-giving times.

To understand the law of reversal, watch a man's thoughts, deeds and behaviors (aachara, vichaara, vyavahaara), and see in the case of an evil person how malefic periods become intensely malefic, and how in th case of a man of good, malefic periods remain malefic but lose a good deal of their intensity.

To understand the law of reversal, notice that an evil person rises very high and accumulates wealth in his good periods, unlike the morally correct person, who seems to stagnate. The reason is that the evil person sacrifices all principles and norms in his good period and grabs unscupulously, preparing for the worst to happen to him, when his bad period comes.

reprinted with permission