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A sometimes contentious point in Vedic astrology is which house rules education. It's common to see reference to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses as houses of education, which becomes too vague to be of much predictive value. Astrologers in north India will typically give the 5th house, whereas the 4th house is praised in south India. For instance, B.V. Raman from Bangalore in south India attributes the 4th house, and K.N. Rao, my jyotish guru, from New Delhi in north India attributes the 5th house.

A convincing reference in support of the 5th house comes from chapter 11 in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra of sage Parashara. He describes the 5th house as the house of knowledge, learning, and intelligence. This holds a great deal of authority since Parashara is considered the 'father of Vedic astrology.'

What makes the most logical sense is that the 2nd house represents learning in the oral tradition, since the 2nd house is the house of speech as well as classical learning. The 2nd house also represents education at home prior to kindergarten. The 3rd house represents trade schools and vocational training although many rely on this from the 5th house. The 4th house represents compulsory education (pre-college) because it represents our foundation in life and conditioning from childhood. It also represents our ability to acquire degrees which is foundational for our careers. The 5th house represents college education and education by choice (non-compulsory). The 5th house, being a dharma house, represents what inspires us, our strong interests, inclinations and talents. It is the 3rd from the 3rd house, making it the next level or higher octave of the 3rd house. The 3rd house is our hobbies, whereas the 5th is our strong interests. The 9th house represents higher education or post graduate degrees like Master's degrees or PHD's. It's the 5th house from the 5th house making it the next level or higher octave of the 5th house.

I'd be interested in hearing from readers about any comments or viewpoints on the discussion board, since there often are strong and contentious views about this issue.