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What are we looking for when we look at the Moon Lagna and how does it relate to chart as whole?

Answer by Vaughn Paul:
Reading the chart from the ascendant (lagna) and the Moon lagna (chandra lagna) is important as both will manifest their indications. Some say that reading the chart from the Moon lagna gives the more internal, subjective experience, whereas reading the chart from the ascendant gives the more external, objective experience. But in practice the indications read from the Moon lagna will definitely manifest in the physical realm, and it's not just subjective.

When the ascendant and the ascendant lord do not have many aspects and the Moon has many aspects then the chart will make more sense read from the Moon and it should be weighted more heavily. Generally, however, we should give more weight to the ascendant lagna as it's the mother of all lagnas.