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If both systems are valid astrological systems, then what side of myself is my Vedic chart showing me, and what side is the Tropical chart showing? My tropical chart indicates certain characteristics that seem to fit, but so does the vedic chart. 

Vaughn Paul's Answer:
It's a good question. In my article, The Sidereal vs Tropical Debate, I discuss this in more detail. The answer can only be speculative. I've heard that some people believe that the Western chart represents the level of the personality and the Vedic chart represents the level of the soul. This makes sense to some extent since the Western chart emphasizies the Sun/Earth relationship, the seasons, which are temporal conditions on earth. This could be considered a more surface value like the personality. The Vedic chart emphasizes the actual star constellations which is a more cosmic indication, irrespective of the seasons. This could be considered a deeper value like the soul. Since I don't practice Western astrology I can't comment from experience of working with the Tropical system. I believe that both systems can give accurate information relative to their vantage point of looking at the same celestial phenomenon.