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Mahatma Gandhi
From out of the ordinary clay of the Indian earth, Mahatma Gandhi moulded leaders after leaders who led our freedom struggle for four decades. World history has no parallel to show such a leader of leaders whose immortality in history is assured inspite of whatever controversy may surround his reputation. In no other horoscope of any Indian leader since can we see such an excellent Gajakesari Yoga (Jupiter on an angle from the Moon), so powerful, so well-placed as to generate a great national patriotic fervour with the ideal of non-violence and an indomitable power of truth. This is what Gajakesari yoga does. 

Birth Data of Mahatma Gandhi

Horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi
Natal Chart of Mahatma Gandhi

Features of Gandhi's Gajakesari Yoga

1) The Moon is with Rahu in a kemadruma yoga (no planets on either side of the Moon) but as the 10th lord in the 10th house, without any malefic aspect. This aroused in him the spirit to serve the poor and down-trodden. He lived in a Harijan (untouchable caste) basti wherever he went and even named the weekly he edited, the Harijan.

2) From the Moon, four planets are in kendras (angles), one of them is Jupiter in the 10th house forming the Gajakesari Yoga. This gives him a spiritual aura also. 

3) The aspects of two benefics, Mercury and Venus, though the enemies of Jupiter, and Mars, the planet of violence clearly shows his inspiration to do work which will endear him to many, but provoke attempts on his life. 

4) He got the dasha of Jupiter from January 1940 and was the nationally acclaimed leader with international admiration. What the Kemadruma Moon had not given him, Rahu in the 10th house and Jupiter in the 7th gave him. In Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury dasha he launched his famous 'Quit India Movement' on 9 August, 1942 which together with the heroic deeds of Subhas Chandra Bose outside India and the naval revolt of 1946, won India her freedom. 

5) The extraordinariness of this Gajakesari yoga is that it is occuring both from the lagna and the Moon and here Jupiter is in a kendra from four planets. 

reprinted with permission