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I spoke with a woman today who said that she's always steered away from Vedic astrology because she didn't like that it used the concepts of 'malefic planets' and 'fate'. This is a very understandable concern. What's the point of seeing an astrologer who's going to tell you that it's your fate to be miserable because of certain malefic planets? Sounds ridiculous? It happens all the time with Vedic astrologers. I have a good friend who was told by a Vedic astrologer that he was going to die within a few months. Another person said they were told that they would get a terminal illness by the end of next year. What's even worse is that after dumping the bad news they then try to sell you expensive remedial measures to offset the malefic influences.

Negative, fatalistic predictions are completely useless in my opinion. Vedic astrology was developed by the great sages of India for the welfare of humanity. It was meant to illumine our paths, not spread a thick cloud of fear over it. A reading should empower the person to make positive choices and constructive action in their lives.