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Cameron Diaz's Vedic astrology chart is a dramatic example of how powerful vargottama planets can be. The popular movie actress has four planets vargottama (in the same sign in the natal chart as in the Navamsha or ninth divisional chart) Venus, the Sun, Mars and the ascendant. So many planets vargottama is rare. 

Venus vargottama on the ascendant in Gemini, a friend's sign (Mercury), reinforces and strengthens her Venusian qualities giving her exceptional beauty, charm, and widespread appeal. The Sun and Mars vargottama in Leo gives her confidence, strength, and dynamic leadership qualities. She demonstrated her tougher qualities in her role as Natalie Cook in Charlie's Angels.

It's interesting to note that she is not only known for her good looks, but her articulate quality of speech which can be explained by her vargottama Gemini ascendant, the communicative sign. For instance, she was the voice of Fiona, Shrek's wife, in the animation movies Shrek and Shrek 2.

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