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K.N. Rao 


K.N. Rao

in Journal of Astrology,July-Sept 2005

There is no replacement for simple prayer to God with sincere faith for worldy worries, for graha shanti (harmonizing planetary energies). Do not be misled into buying expensive talismans and/or equally ritualistic pujas done by pandits who themselves are either ill trained or are so impure in their own inner life full of jealousies, torments and greed, that the pujas they perform lose a good deal of their efficacy. 

Do it yourself or ask someone in your family who is interested in your welfare to most sincerely do it. Simple remedies done with faith in God has no substitute. 

It is spirituality, innate belief in the omnipotence of God and a sense of happy surrender to His Will, which alone helps a man tormented by life's agonies to face life as it should be. It is for this reason that Maharshi Parashara (considered the 'father of Vedic astrology') has prescribed simple remedies like the recitation of the Vishnu Sahasranam (1000 names of Vishnu), Mrityunjaya mantra (famous mantra for victory over death), Durga Saptasati (700 verses to the Goddess Durga), etc. 

The mahatmas (great souls) I have known also stress the importance of the recitation of such mantras and surrender to the Will of the Lord to face life, and go through its meandering paths of griefs and joys.