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People often want to know when they're going meet someone special and start a new relationship. Of course, there are many ways that this can be shown astrologically. Here's an example chart of a woman who met a man last July, whom she's now happily in a relationship with. She has been in her 20 year Venus mahadasha, or planetary period, since October, 2002.

Notice how Venus is in her ascendant, aspecting the 7th house of Taurus, which it rules. Venus for Scorpio ascendants becomes a double significator for relationship because it rules the 7th house, in addition to being the significator of the 7th house in anyone's chart. Notice how Venus is also exalted in the sign of Pisces in the Navamsha chart, in the 5th house of romance, and again rules the 7th house. This shows a repeated pattern of potential for relationship during her Venus dasha. She was in a Ven-Ven-Mer-Ven period from July 12th through August 10th. Mercury is a natural friend of Venus, the mahadasha lord, is conjunct Venus, and aspects the 7th house. It also rules the 7th house from the Moon.

They met on July 26th while Jupiter was transiting in the 7th house from the Moon. At the same time Saturn was also aspecting this same house from Cancer, creating the double transit effect in the 7th house from the Moon. Venus by transit was conjunct Jupiter, the 5th lord of romance.

Natal Chart

Navamsha Chart

Transits on July 26, 2005