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Here is the Vedic astrology chart of the popular TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey. Notice how Venus is within 10 degrees of her Sun. This is called combustion in Vedic astrology, which is said to harm or 'burn up' the planet because of its proximity to the heat of the Sun. In Oprah's case Venus is considered deeply combust because it is within 1 degree. 

When a planet is combust it harms the external significations of the planet, but not the internal. It's a misconception that combustion entirely harms the planet. For instance, when Mercury is combust it can increase intelligence, which is an internal signification of Mercury, but the skin, nerves, lungs may be harmed, which are external significations. Venus combust, on the other hand, can increase creativity, but it can also harm marriage. It is not uncommon to see people with combust Venus that have delayed marriages, or unconventional relationships, like homosexual relationships. 

In Oprah's case she has never been married, which is unusual for someone so admired and successful. However, she has had a long term relationship, since 1986, with Stedman Graham, a motivational speaker and CEO of a management & marketing consulting firm. It is rumored that the couple hardly see each other because of their independent lifestyles and busy schedules. 

Combustion can be tricky to interpret correctly. For instance, in Oprah's chart Venus rules her 10th house of career. No one could justify saying that her career has been harmed because Venus is combust. She's had a phenomenal career. The Oprah Winfrey Show has remained the number one talk show for 19 consecutive seasons. Also, no one could claim that her beauty has been harmed, which is an external signification of Venus. She won the Miss Black Tennessee beauty pageant at age 18. Obviously there are other factors that modify combustion. Notice, how Venus is involved in multiple raja yogas, or royal combinations of planets, formed with the Sun and Jupiter as the rulers of the 10th, 1st and 5th houses respectively. Venus also exchanges signs with an exalted Saturn in Libra. Viewing the chart from the alternate lagnas, the Moon and Sun, Venus is again involved in raja yogas, which reinforces Venus's strength. Combustion is just one factor that needs to be considered in the analysis of the chart as a whole.

Oprah Winfrey's astrological birth information