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I just received this story from a friend of mine today and thought that it would be worthwhile sharing it here:

I guess it must have been around 1972. It was summer and a clear blue sky day. I was living in New York on Central Park 
West and the park was buzzing with activity. I stepped out onto the street and crossed into the park where there was a gathering of people. It consisted of folks circled around two young sadhus (renunciates) garbed in orange robes. I guess it was sort of a darshan kinda thing. One of the sadhus had obviously given up speaking, as his communication was in the form of sign language to the other sadhu who in turn would translate.

The gathering was about twenty feet from a bus stop and a traffic signal. 

My interest was sparked so I sat down and listened. 

What has stayed with me all these years is a particular young woman asking questions. Nothing profound, just sort of monkey mind stuff.

After her questions the one sadhu began signing to the other. What he said to the young woman was: 

"Tell me, do you get on every bus that pulls up to the stop?" She replied, "No." Do you get into every car that stops at the light?"
"Of course not!" she answered. He replied,"Then why do you persist on getting on every thought that comes through your mind?...