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The influences of Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the Moon, are well known for producing a new relationship, marriage, or a change in an existing relationship during their dashas. They can cause unusual, out of the ordinary experiences that result in dramatic changes in our lives. They can represent periods of time when we have less power of free will at our disposal and are more under the influence of our prarabda karma or fate, for better or for worse. 

The following example charts show a dramatic example of a young couple meeting and starting a new relationship at the end of March, just a few weeks ago. The man was in his Rahu-Saturn-Ketu dasha, while the woman was in her Ketu-Rahu-Mercury dasha. They both have Virgo rising and Rahu and Ketu have been transiting through their 1st and 7th house axis. These are powerful transits for starting a new relationship, especially during dashas ruled by Rahu and Ketu. When they met they both knew they had met their destiny, instantly fell in love, and soon began making plans for marriage. 

Male Natal Chart

Female Natal Chart

Transits on March 25, 2006