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Given below is the horoscope of Mr. A. Sriramulu Garu, a former M.L.C. of Andhra Pradesh (a legislative position in the state government). Mr. Sriramulu came to my place with Sri P.N. Sukul, a member of the Rajy Sabha, who is one of the most famous of Uttar Pradesh secretariat staff leaders. My answer to Sriramulu's questions: politically it would be a good period but bad for health. (he was in the upcoming elections). 

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In June 1984 when the elections were to be held, he was running Venus-Saturn-Venus. Venus is not merely with Ketu in Aries but is also in Ashwini nakshatra whose lord is Ketu. But more important is that Venus in Ashwini is capable of conferring a raja yoga (Ketu is in a raja yoga being on an angle with a trinal lord). The sub-period lord Saturn is in Simha (Leo) aspecting the 10th house. Saturn is the lagna lord and 2nd lord, while Venus is a yogakaraka (lord of angle and trinal). 

On June 20, 1984, when the elections were to be held, the transits were: 

1. Saturn was in Tula (Libra) in the 10th house aspecting his 10th lord (Venus), which is excellent. 
2. June was in Sagittarius, 11th from the Moon and also aspecting his 10th lord in Mesha (Aries).
3. The Sun and Moon were in Mithuna (Gemini) 5th from the natal Moon and 6th from the lagna, again excellent. 

Sri P.N. Sukul informed me on July 7, 1984 that Mr sriramulu had been elected as M.L.C. in Andhra Pradesh. Sometime in March 1985 Sri Sukul again rang me up to say that Mr. Sriramulu had died of heart attack. He was running Venus-Saturn-Venus with all three connected with the 10th house. No wonder he came back into political life, after twelve years. But then see that Saturn retrograde is not merely in the 8th house, but giving results from the 7th house (because retrograde). See the Moon, the 7th lord, in the 2nd house. (He was in Venus-Saturn-Moon dasha with Moon a double maraka or death-inflicting planet as the lord of the 7th in the 2nd).

Venus-Saturn will generally give success when least expected, and humiliation too, with stunning suddennesss. In the case of Mr. Sriramulu, Saturn is the lord of lagna and 2nd, placed in the 8th, an eveil house while Venus is 5th and 10th lord and well-placed in trine from Saturn. The promise of Venus was fulfilled when he became M.L.C. and Saturn, ill-placed in the 8th caused death. Obviously the ill-placed sub-period lord proved fatal. 

reprinted with permission