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In yesterday's quiz we looked at the chart of a woman who made an important decision in her Moon-Ketu-Jupiter dasha. Before making predictions about the effects of dashas and transits it's important that we first make sure that we have a clear grasp of the natal chart. 

This is the chart of a career woman. Notice how the ruler of the ascendant, Sun, is with Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, an intelligent, logical sign in the 11th house of gains. This is a strongdana yoga, or wealth-producing yoga, involving the ascendant lord and the 2th and 11th lord. In addition, notice the powerfulraja yoga involving the 9th lord, Mars, and the 10th lord, Venus, in its own sign of Taurus, a very practical and productive sign. Additionally, Venus here forms a malavya mahapurusha yogafurther enhancing the 10th house. Notice also how Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius, its moolatrikona sign, on an angle forming a shasha mahapurusha yoga in the 7th house. This gives her strong traits of responsibility, hard work, perseverance, as well as organizational skills. This woman majored in mathematics and has managed a quality control department for a major software company for many years. She is no slouch. She commands a leadership position and an excellent salary because she's so intelligent, and competent. 

In terms of her spiritual life, she was raised Catholic and has a religious orientation, but does not have interest in spiritual practices per se, other than occasionally praying.

Natal Chart

However, she's in an unusual period of her life - the dasha of the Moon. The Moon is the 12th lord in the 8th house, an unconventional, mystical and alternative house in the mystical sign of Pisces. It also in the final degrees of Pisces, a water sign, in a position called gandanta. This is an unstable position for the Moon, which represents manas or the mind. The Moon dasha began in October 1998 and she's been unhappy at work ever since. She had two children in her Sun dasha, and one more early on in her Moon dasha. She's wanted to take a break and just be with her kids since her Moon dasha began. She just wants to be a mother (Moon). 

Notice how, from the Moon, Ketu is in the 10th house. Ketu is a spiritual planet that gives disillusionment with worldly pursuits. This position of Ketu 10th from the Moon, the chandra lagna, and the dasha lagna during her Moon dasha, has kept her in a perpetual state of disillusionment regarding her work. She's wanted to work part time at most, but has been required to work full-time to maintain her well paying position. 

Ketu's sub dasha came along in January this year and has exacerbated this feeling of disillusionment, bringing it to the forefront of her experience. During Ketu's sub period she's lost all motivation to work hard like she has done for twenty years since finishing college. At the same time, Jupiter's transit in Libra has been aspecting her ascendant lord, Sun, giving her the confidence to finally make a decision for herself, for her own best interest. Jupiter gives inspiration and the sense of new opportunities, and possibilities. Jupiter's transit has aspected her natal Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu - five of nine planets. Jupiter is also the sub-sub period lord from May 13th until June 10th further emphasizing Jupiter's expansive qualities. 

Vedic Astrology Chart
Transits May 15, 2006 

In mid-May she decided to finally quite her job and take a break so that she can be with her three kids. Notice how Ketu is in the 5th house of children aspected by the 5th lord, Jupiter. She plans to take the summer off to play with her kids, and then find a job that's more creative in the fall, but only work part-time. This will be about the time she begins her Venus sub period which follows Ketu. Venus is the planet of creativity. 

Quiz Answer: Quit her job and take a break