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in Astrology and Karma - ch. 6

The horoscope reveals the bond, linkage and its quality with the family we are born into. We can take up bit by bit the story starting with the family linkages. Examine the 5th house and the 5th lord, of both the husband and wife, to find out what they could expect from their children. 

Before doing that let me quote from the Padma Purana where the concept of Rinanu-bandhan is explained succintly:

"Rinanunu-bandhan means the undischarged debts of past life as a result of which we are born in a family and beocme relations, friends and even have other intimate relations and interactions with in our lives." 

Astrological Perameters

1. Take up any horoscope and examine the 5th house and 5th lord. 
2. See how they are placed: in quadrants, trines, or evil houses. 
3. See how they are aspected and associated: good or bad. 

At a glance these three parameters will convince you whether a parent can expect happiness from their children or not. Next, take up the horoscope of the couple, husand and wife, and make a more comprehensive examination of the horoscope by applying the three parameters. 

reprinted with permission