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In the last two articles we quoted from K.N. Rao's book, Astrology and Karma, to demonstrate how to determine if a person experiences happiness from their children of not. K.N. Rao recommended 3 parameters: 1) look at the condition of the 5th house - association and aspects 2) look at the condition of the 5th lord by its house position 3) and by association and aspect.

This is the chart of a man who has one child, a son who just graduated from college. He says that they have a great relationship and are like best buddies, talking together frequently. They share sports, music, and have always had a fun time together. The only problem was that they couldn't spend very much time together as the boy was growing up, due to a messy divorce situation. Notice how he has Mars and Rahu in the 7th house indicating the potential for unstable and volatile relationships.

Vedic astrology chart
Natal Chart

Notice how the 5th house has an exalted Saturn conjunct the Moon, and aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn here form a raja yoga between the 9th lord, Saturn, and the 7th and 10th lord Jupiter. Saturn is also exalted in Libra. When the Moon is in the 5th house the person generally enjoys children and has a close relationship with their own child. In this case, Saturn's conjunction as the 8th lord with the Moon indicates the separation and grief this man experienced for much of his child's upbringing. However, Saturn's strength and Jupiter's close aspect to the Moon shows that this was not extreme. 

Venus the 5th lord is unaspected in the 3rd house, which is a neutral placement - it's not a benefic angular or trinal house, and it's not a malefic dusthana house. Venus's placement in the 3rd house in the sign of Leo indicates the hobbies, communication, and recreational activities they share. 

If you make the 5th house the ascendant you'll be able to read the first child's chart within the father's chart. (The 7th house is the second child, 9th house the 3rd child, 11th house 4th child etc.) From this placement you can see Saturn, the yoga karaka, exalted in the ascendant forming a shasha mahapurusha yoga, as well as a raj yoga with the Moon. Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini in the 9th house. His father describes him as extremely mature and intelligent, shown here by Saturn and Mercury primarily. 

The father is in his Mercury-Saturn dasha. Mercury is the significator of education, and from the 5th house Mercury becomes the 9th lord of higher education. Saturn is the 5th lord, which represents non-compulsory education, such as college (4th house is compulsory education). His son just graduated last year in the middle of the Saturn sub period.