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in Astrology and Karma - ch. 4

The time when a person is to be born is not of his choosing. It is predetermined (prarabdha karma) by the great God. 

Some contrasting instances will be shown. Take the case of births on February 4, 1962, (with 8 planets in Capricorn), at any time in India or anywhere in the world. To make predictions for them has been a challenging task for astrologers. Invariably in those cases when the lagna changed the entire fates of the persons underwent a change. Other details had to be worked out before embarking on any predictions. Parashara's divisional charts (vargas) together with Jaimini (predictive system) alone could solve the problem. 

Try changing the birth time hour by hour and see how no planet changes signs, only the lagna changes. The lagna depends on the birth time. Were those, who were born on this day anywhere in the world, in any position to exercise their choice about the month and day of their birth? No human being can ever decide at what time he would be born, on which day and where. The pattern of a man's destiny is decided before he is born. 

Natal Chart

reprinted with permission