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Vedic astrology is a gift to humanity from the great sages of India. It's a means for helping us understand ourselves and the purpose for our lives. When our chart is interpreted accurately it reminds us of who we are, it helps us re-align with the sacredness of our birth, which the birth chart reveals. This alone is a healing experience. 

The chart describes our character traits, our strengths and challenges, as well as our karmic patterns related to various areas of our life like career and relationship etc. When we become more aware of these patterns then we are able to make constructive changes. We can't change anything until we are first aware of it. This is another healing aspect of Vedic astrology. 

The chart gives us a 'bird's eye perspective' of the time periods of our lives. We can view long spans of time, or zoom in and analyze a narrow range of time in detail. Vedic astrology is a tool for self awareness that can alleviate the suffering that results from confusion. "Confusion is the only suffering," one of my teachers says. When we experience clarity there is no suffering. "All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world," said the Buddha. Healing begins with healing the mind, which is another reason why Vedic astrology is a path of healing. It is a map that reminds us of who we are and what we're here to do - whether it be in our outer or inner life. It's the most comprehensive form of counseling, since every aspect of life can be understood through the chart. It addresses the challenges and opportunities that we face at any point in time. 

Our chart reveals trends and patterns in our lives. When we understand that these trends have likely outcomes which can be modified by our own efforts, then it helps to free us from our karma, rather than enslave us. It helps us make wise, conscious decisions in our lives. Vedic astrology also offers remedial measures, like spiritual practices, that can modify the outcome of any situation. This is the path of healing that Vedic astrology offers.