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in Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology - ch. 7

Astrology done as part of sadhana (spiritual practice) does immense good to the astrologer himself. He sees God's laws working through the planets of a horoscope, in the dashas and yogas. In turn, the astrologer knows and shows the quirks and twists of destiny and the Wheel of Time. 

Karmas keep chasing you, they rise and meet you, they walk in front of you and behind you all the twenty four hours of the day. A good astrologer can see it through this super-science. He should improve his own karma first and not become a dollar-pinching consumerist of our age. Then he should explain to an intelligent consulter that karmas chase you always, birth after birth. 

It is heartening to read in the accounts of those who had 'out of body' experences that they discovered that kindness was all that was valued most in life after life. Belief in karma, creating a stronger belief in rebirth, leads to the improvement in the quality of life. The message of all studies of scriptures, jyotisha, and rebirth are two: do charities and believe in kindness. 

reprinted with permission