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When the birth time is accurate the divisional charts, or vargas, can be relied upon to give deeper insights into the nature of a dasha period. This is a chart of a woman who began her 20 year mahadasha of Venus in 2002. Since that time she has become very interested in healing work, particularly hands-on energy healing. Notice how Venus is the 8th lord, the house of subtle life force, prana, and transformation, and conjunct Rahu a planet of subtle energy. 

This interest in healing is reinforeced in both the navamsha chart, the most important divisional chart (9th division), and the dashamsha chart, related to career (10th division). In the navamsha chart, Venus is again the 8th lord, conjunct the Sun, the significator of the body, and 6th lord of healing, while also being aspected by the 10th lord of career, Jupiter. This pattern repeats in the dashamsha chart with Venus, the 8th lord again, in the 6th house with Jupiter, the 10th lord, who exchanges signs with the 6th lord Sun. 

By consulting the divisional charts we are able to gain more confidence in our initial interpretation of the natal chart. For this reason, it is always recommended that no predictions should be made without consulting at least the Navamsha chart, and preferably other divisional charts relevant to the queries at hand, as well. For instance, for career questions, the dashamsha chart is consulted in addition to the Navamsha and Rasi charts, as shown in this example. 

Rasi Chart

Natal Chart

Navamsha ChartNavamsha Chart

Dashamsha ChartDashamsha Chart