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This is the natal chart of a woman who recently had a major conflict with her elder sister and her elder sister's husband. She was in the process of moving and asked both of them if they could help. Twice they made arrangements and twice they never showed up. This led to a loud shouting confrontation, which ended with both of them hanging up the phone. 

She was in her Venus-Saturn-Rahu-Saturn dasha last month when the conflict surfaced. Venus is the ruler of the 11th house, which represents the next older sibling, while Saturn is in the 11th house. Notice how both Saturn and Venus aspect the Moon, her ascendant lord, while Saturn's closely aspects her Mars, the planet of conflict. She has had numerous conflicts with her sister during the last two years of her Saturn sub period. 

The tight transits in August reveal the intensity of the surfacing conflict, which happened to coincide with her move. Saturn transiting in Cancer was within one degree of Mars, while Mars in Leo was aspecting the Moon, her ascendant lord in the 5th house. Her biggest conflict was with her sister's husband, who is represented by the 5th house of Scorpio (the 7th house from the 11th). His ascendant lord is Mars, so Saturn's transit over Mars shows the pressure he was under at the time. This request for help was just one of many pressures that was causing him to feel overwhelmed. She was overwhelmed as well with the stress of moving, and felt abandoned by family members in a time of need. The result was that everyone exploded in the all time worst conflict they had experienced in their relationship. 

Natal Chart

Transits Aug 17, 2006