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The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, announced on September 7th that within one year he'll step down from power. This is not a great surprise if you've been following the news. Blair's popularity has plummeted to all time lows, similar to Bush's in America, due primarily to his handling (or mis-handling) of the Iraq war. Consequently, Blair's been under heavy pressure to concede his post, which he's held since 1997. 

If you haven't followed the news but know Blair's chart, this news may be perplexing. Blair's in, what could be considered his golden dasha period, Saturn-Venus, which began on Dec 8, 2004 and goes till Feb 8, 2008. Saturn is his yogakaraka planet as the ruler of the 9th and 10th houses placed in the benefic 5th house in a friendly sign of Mercury, and Venus is his lagna lord exalted in Pisces. Their mutual aspect forms multiple raja yogas, which repeat from chandra lagna, and the dasha lagna Saturn. You would think that this would be the heighth of his political career. Indeed, throughout his entire Saturn mahadasha, which began in Feb 1998 he's been the reigning political power of England. 

So, why this sub period of Venus for his downfall? K.N. Rao has been known to say that he's very cautious of Saturn-Venus or Venus-Saturn dashas. Even though both Saturn and Venus are natural friends, the mahadasha of one along with the sub dasha of the other can represent a downfall. There are some principles in Jyotish which cause the reverse results, like neecha banga raja yogas, and this is one of them. Rao's concern is well supported. In the Laghu Parashari by Sage Parashara it says, "if Venus and Saturn are in their exaltation, own sign, vargottama etc. and are powerful Yoga Karaka, then in the dasha of one and the antar of the other even the King and a millionaire become paupers, inactive, and wretched." (p 130 S.S. Sareen translation). In Blair's case, Venus is exalted and Saturn is vargottama while also being the yoga karaka. This principle certainly applies and explains why this Venus sub period is not giving the expected results. 

In addition, Saturn by transit has been aspecting Blair's Sun and Moon quite closely recently. On the day of his announcement, Saturn was within a 2 degrees aspect to his Sun, exalted in Aries. This represents the heavy criticism, attack and pressure he's been under from members of his own labor party, as well as the public in general. His announcement comes just one day after eight members of his own Labour Party quit to demonstrate their displeasure with him. These were among 15 members who signed a letter demanding he step down. His usual chesser cat smile has been no where to be found as of late. However, he's still giving himself a year to make his final departure, almost in defiance of the pressure. 

K.N. Rao has made this prediction on his website: "The line I can draw for him is 22 March 2007. I do not see him going beyond this. This will be an end deserved by the poodle of George Bush who bluffed the world about Iraq along with Bush."

Tony Blair's Natal Chart

Transits September 7, 2006