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An excerpt of an interview with K.N. Rao, by Linda Johnsen,published in her book A Thousand Suns.

"The opening of the Jyotish Mati Nadis, subtle nerves related to planetary energies, is described in the Yoga Sutras. When these nadis are opened, the astrologer no longer requires the crutch of a horoscope to see into your destiny. I have met hundreds of yogis like these. Some of you Western students have met Yogi Karve. Without looking at your birth chart he can tell you the exact degrees in which your planets fall." 

Rao grew very serious. "There are three types of astrologers who are cursed by the tradition. Those who are incompetent, those who use their knowledge to manipulate others, and those who leave their clients without hope."

"Jyotish must not be practiced with an impure motivation. Astrologers concerned only with making money or gaining fame will not succeed. This is because it is not possible to do Vedic astrology properly without tapas (spiritual self-disciplines). Real astrology lies beyond the calculations. It is done through intuition."