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from Tried Techniques of Predictions - ch. 5

In the classical texts of astrology there is mention of what is known as Guru-Chandala Yoga (Jupiter with Rahu or Ketu). In Jawaharlal Nehru's (India's first Prime Minister) horoscope it is Jupiter with Ketu aspected by Mars from the 3rd house and this yoga is occurring in the 6th house of defiance. 

There is hardly any horoscope without some prominent malefic yoga in it, but it would manifest in a dasha associated with such a yoga. If such a dasha does not come, only in the sub-periods of such a dasha is its malefic affects felt. 

In the case of Nehru, the aspect of some other benefic might have helped him, to a large extent, in not treading the perilous path of blatant sacrileges, which were many. Such a Guru-Chandala yoga has to be examined to find out which lords of which houses are involved in it. 

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The 9th house is also the house of religion and tradition and the venerated one. 9th lord Jupiter here in the 6th house shows Nehru's open hostility to the established religious conventions and practices of the majority Hindu community of his own country. 

Till the death of Mahatma Gandhi, the effects of Guru-Chandala yoga of Nehru were not so noticeable. A few months after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in January 1948, being the period of Mars in the life of Nehru it manifested. Mars is the most active and direct participant in the Guru-Chandala Yoga. He was the Prime Minister of India and Mars, being the 10th lord, the effects of Guru-Chandala yoga were too blatant to please a country where the majority community of Hindus had seen their homeland partitioned, after the terrible communal riots of 1947, between Hindus and Muslims. The Hindus had strong enough reason to suspect the loyalty of Indian Muslims. Nehru had openly sided with them. 

Till now the this nation has not forgiven the either Nehru or his grandson, Rajiv Gandhi, for the their vacillating and pernicious stand on some Hindu-Muslim religious issues. 

The worst results of Guru-Chandala yoga are manifest in hypocrisy. Nehru was known to consult astrologers, yet in public statements Nehru spoke against astrology so often that pseudo intellectuals of India even today write biographies of Nehru depicting him of being against astrology. Nehru's letter to his sister, Krishna Huthessing, has been quoted by me in which he asked her to get readings about his grandson, Rajiv Gandhi. There are many more proofs which can be dug out to destroy this hypocrisy not only of Nehru but also of his biographers. 

reprinted with permission