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The Academy Awards will take place soon (written in March 2002), and though I've only seen just a few of the performances, I've had a long time interest in the birth chart of a favorite actor of mine, Denzel Washington. He has been nominated for Best Actor. My question, naturally, is "Will he win?"

Denzel Washington's astrology

Denzel Washington's horoscope
Denzel Washington's Natal Chart

His chart contains a number of very notable features:
An excellent Gaja Kesari yoga (by mutual aspect) comprised of the 7th lord Jupiter and the 11th lord Moon, falling along the wealth-giving 5-11 axis. Moreover, Jupiter is in the Moon's sign, Cancer, within one degree of its highest point of exaltation.

A spectacular dhana yoga comprised of a conjunction between an exalted 5th lord Saturn and the 2nd and 9th lord Venus in its own sign, Libra, in the 2nd house.

From the Moon in Capricorn, this felicitious combination of Saturn and Venus in Libra becomes an even more dramatic raja yoyga, being an exalted lagna lord in the 10th, with the 5th and 10th lord in its own sign/house.

Whereas he made his film debut in 1980 (Rahu-Venus), he first gained fame as a actor for his starring role TV's St. Elsewhere, beginning in 1982 (Rahu-Sun)

Per usual, I ask myself the question as to why these combinations in Vimshottari are giving great fame, which is mostly a matter of raja yoga and other benefic yogas in strength.

Shri K.N. Rao taught me that Rahu can give very good to spectacular results when:

1. In the sign of a benefic, particularly if that benefic (dispositor) is in a good conditon and well placed and/or is associated with Rahu itself.

2. In addition to this, if Rahu gives raja yoga by being in either a kendra or trikona and being in association with a house lord of the opposite category. 

Examine Denzel Washington's Rahu in the 4th house, Sagittarius, and you will see all these conditions fulfilled. His Rahu is in Jupiter's sign Sagittarius, and Jupiter is at its extreme point of exaltation in the 11th house.

Rahu is in the kendra 4th house with Mercury, a trikona 1st lord, who also aspects its own 10th house, Gemini. Under such conditions Rahu could...and did...bring fame.

Interestingly, it was Rahu-Sun that first brought this fame. For Virgo lagna, Parashara Hora classifies the Sun as being a purely impressionable 12th lord, giving the results of those planets with which it is closely connected. In this case, it fructifies the raja-yoga given by Rahu-Mercury. 

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