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from Timing Events Through Vimshottari Dasha
- ch. 10

There are sometimes very difficult moments I have to face like any other astrologer.

There is a prayer in my heart and deep concentration on the horoscope before me. So listen to this story.

Sometime in August 1992, doctors in Madhya Pradesh and Delhi had examined the second son of a friend of mine, who in desperation, being very much junior to me in the service from which I retired, was initially hesitant to consult me. But perhaps, his wife insisted that he should do that and he came one day with the son's horoscope.

While I was examining the horoscope I asked him suddenly where the boy was. "Outside in the car with his mother," was his reply. I felt bad and said that they should come in.

The boy was brought in and was in a near unconscious condition where he could neither walk nor sit. What was it? The doctors had only said that he had damaged some part of his brain, perhaps once when he had it dashed against the wall of a swimming pool where he went almost everyday. No treatment worked. There was a sense of desperation. 

The parents did not know how and when all that had occurred but had only noticed the condition of the boy in August, 1992. So the transit of planets on the sarvashtaka should also be seen. 

Natal Chart

The Static (Natal Chart) Analysis
Now come to the strikingly negative points in the horoscope:

1. The lagna lord, Mercury, is with Ketu exactly on the same degrees. The fourth aspect of Mars fall on this.

2. The lagna has two malefics, Saturn and Mars, the 6th and the 8th lords. 

3. The Moon is ill-placed in the 6th house.

4. The only benefic in kendra is Mercury which is so heavily afflicted.

The Dasha Analysis

1. The dasha is of Jupiter who is in the 2nd house (a maraka house) and is also the 2nd lord from the Moon but has no affliction either in the birth chart or in the navamsha.

2. The sub-period is Mercury, the lagna lord, which is why the trouble to the body which occurred in this period is serious. 

3. Mercury is heavily afflicted and is also the 8th lord from the Moon. 

4. The sub-sub-periods are successively bad. The Sun, the 12th lord, is heavily afflicted, and the Moon in the 6th house is badly placed.

5. Mars as the 3rd and 8th lord is a malefic for Virgo lagna.

6. Rahu in the 10th house aspected by two benefics, Mercury and Jupiter, offers some hope of recovery in its sub-sub-period. 

7. Then will come the sub-sub-period of Jupiter who can offer the best relief because he is aspecting the Moon of the child.

Continued in next article: An Example of Ashtakavarga for Transits

reprinted with permission