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(A friend of Ben Collins lost a ring. Ben posted the following Prashna chart to the Jyotish List yahoo email group. Subsequently, when the ring was found, he posted another piece. Now read on. K.N. Rao)

A friend of mine asked me to do a prashna chart today (chart of the moment a question is asked - also known as a horary chart) regarding a missing ring. He wanted to know if it was misplaced or stolen and if it would be recovered. If so, in what direction should he look.

The time of the query was 7:53 PM PDT in Los Angeles, June 18, 2000. 

The following are the chart highlights: Lagna is Sag., Moon is in lagna at 28 degrees in Uttara Shada; Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus in Gemini; Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus; Rahu in Cancer Ketu in Capricorn. I made a quick Palm Pilot query and felt that the article was lost not stolen, that it was in a low place, and that it may or may not be uncertainty being the result of several conflicting factors.

Prashna data

Vedic astrology prashna chart

Prashna Chart

After I got home, I consulted the book, Prashna Shastra, by Deepak Kapoor. And I will post the following analysis as I work through it...

1. He states "If the lagna lord or 7L is found in houses 3,6,8, or 12 the prashna relates to some missing object". True enough.

2. Using Mook Prashna (verbal) one can determine the nature of the lost article; Dhatu (metal or mineral), Mula (vegetable), or Jeeva (living). The navamsha lagna is Mesha (Aries) which would suggest Dhatu...although the Rasi lagna being Dhanus suggests Jeeva. So that is a bit mixed in its indications....Interestingly Mr. Kapoor says that either a planet in the lagna or a strong planet aspecting the lagna gives specific indications. In this case a reasonably strong Mercury (in the 7th thus aspecting the lagna) would indicate a gold article. Indeed this is a gold navaratna (nine gem) ring. But the text also says that if Jupiter aspects the lagna, then it is gold studded with gems, which would be most accurate. However neither in the rasi nor the navamsha does Jupiter aspect the lagna...Although Jupiter is the lagna maybe that is enough.

Vedic astrology navamsha chart

Prashna Navamsha Chart

3. Of course with an article of some value the question becomes if it has been stolen or just misplaced. The rule is that "In the prashna chart, if a planet is in its own sign or own sign in the navamsa, and aspects the lagna, then the article has not been stolen but only misplaced". In this case Mercury is in his own sign and aspects the lagna. So we conclude it is simply lost and not stolen.

4. Time of loss. The text refers to time of theft, but it could also work for time a loss (at least I can not see any reason why not). Sagittarius being a nocturnal sign...the loss did take place at night time.

5. "The nature of the article pertains to the nature of the planet which influences the lagna..." In this case the Moon is in the lagna indicating an emotional attachment to the object.

6. Color of the article.....his list gives the color yellow to Sagittarius. True enough for a gold ring!

7. Direction of the article. He gives a table that suggests looking at what planets are located in kendras. In this case Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Sun are in the 7th. I would suppose that Mercury, being in his own house would be strongest, so the direction North is indicated.

8. Possibility of recovery: Here I am less certain, probably because the indications are not what I would want. First rule is that recovery is possible when the Lagna Lord is in the 7th or the 7th Lord is in Lagna.

If you look at the chart, the Lagna Lord is in the 6th, conjunct Saturn. So not such good indications although I wouldn't say conclusively bad.

Second is that the lagna lord or Moon be associated with benefics. In this case the lagna lord is in the 6th associated with a malefic. Not so good. They go on.....Lagna hemmed by this case it is hemmed by Rahu and Ketu! So from the perspective of recovery it doesn't look so good.

From the perspective of non-recovery; the next section in the book. The principles all surround the concept that there needs to be a benefic connection between the lagna, lagna Lord and the 7th house for recovery. So the indications for non-recovery are any association between the lagna, lagna Lord, 2nd house of wealth...and the 8th house. In this case the 8th lord is in the lagna which seems to be an indication that the article may not be found. His text says that when the 2nd lord goes into the 8th house then the wealth has gone to the this case the 2nd lord (Saturn) goes to the 6th house. It indicates to me that the article is not stolen, although the above mentioned 8th house factors suggest that it will not be found either. So that's it. If it turns up I'll let you know.


Interestingly enough the ring was found. It was under some cabinets in the kitchen. I had originally thought, when first asked the question, that it would be in a low place due to the influence of Saturn. This was the case. In the original post the direction was to have been north, and indeed it was.... I am surprised that it was found, but perhaps there needs to be a more heavy influence of 8th house factors...there was a lot of 6th house there and that threw me a bit. I suspect that the 6th house causes disturbance and difficulty in relocating it. But at least it was found and that is good.

K.N. Rao is certainly correct that nothing teaches you humility like making public astrological predictions. I add that prashna is King among humility causing astrological techniques!

reprinted with permission