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A defeat which is not a full defeat of the Republicans but fetters put on President Bush has led to a frantic search for liberal Republicans and a name mentioned is of Robert M. Gates, President Bush's choice to become defense secretary.

Gates has criticized the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war and has made it clear that he would seek advice from moderate Republicans.

Will Dick Cheney go or be weakened is the question being debated now in the search for scapegoats who will not be hanged. Cheney will stick to his old line but with Rumsfield gone has no support. The present Bush has to fall back upon those men who served his father, the senior Bush.

When Bush was seeking his second term and the horoscope of Kerry was doubtful, I relied on this horoscope of Cheney to make a successful prediction.

In view of the rumours of his getting weakened or even getting ousted what are the possibilities?

Dick Cheney's Birth Data

Dick Cheney's Vedic Astrology Horoscope
Natal Chart

Dick Cheney's Vedic Astrology Dashamsha Chart
Dashamsha Chart

Look at the dasha

Vimshottari dasha

Venus Mercury Saturn in Vimshottari dasha is much worse as Saturn is debilitated in the birth lagna and in dashamsha is aspected by Mars and conjoined with debilitated Venus, the twelfth lord. It will begin from 23 November 2006.

Chara dasha

Vrisha-Simha-Makara (Taurus-Leo-Capricorn) from 11 December 2006 in Chara dasha with Amatyakaraka (Venus - the planet with 2nd highest degrees) falling in the twelfth can weaken him without being shown the exit door.

But with transit Rahu having gripped his Moon, which is also aspected by Saturn one can see lot of tension for him which can be created through the rejection of his Iraq policy.

It then does not seem to be his exit but humiliation, which may lead to his resignation sometime early next year after Saturn retrogrades into Karka (Cancer).

reprinted with permission