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(Written on November 26, 2006) 

Human life has enough tragedies, enigmatic turns and twists which come in most unexpected and unanticipated ways. When someone goes to an astrologer he is already 'half dead' and wants to know if some relief is promised. Instead, if he is frightened and asked to spend a huge amount on shantis (remedial measures) of various types, to prevent the ill effects of kala sarpa yoga (all planets positioned between Rahu and Ketu) what is you opinion of the moral character of the astrologer? Or if the astrologer is pretending to be a religious man and prescribes worship find out how much money he is making through astrology in devious ways. He is again less of a JYOTISHACHARYA (teacher of Jyotish) and more of an UPAYACHARYA (teacher of remedial measures). 

Some years before my retirement, a rich Marwari woman, to whom I had given a good prediction about her daughter in Calcutta, came to meet me in Delhi where she had moved with her husband. She took me one day to her house to meet a ninety six years old astrologer and introduced me to him as an astrologer. This aroused the ire of the very old man because he called astrologers “thugs” and asked me why had I decided to become one! The lady explained to him that I did astrology academically and gave consultations for free. The old man quietened down. He had some very novel methods of predicting and appeared outdated to me, not in tune with the changed times in which we live. But the word “thug” rang in my ears for many years and still a feeble echo of it is left in my memory.

The Thuggery of Astrologers

The thuggery of astrologers can be seen in the upayas or remedies they prescribe - upayas for anything and everything, even for cancer patients in the terminal stages, for AIDS patients, for most unscrupulous men and for totally unscrupulous purposes involving sex, money and crime. Reading of sage Varahamihira convinces us that this tendency to become a thug among astrologers must have existed earlier also.

One fellow who has made a fortune from kala sarpa yoga (I came to know later) asked me why was I depriving some poor Brahmins of their livelihood! These fellows who were frightening people and making money through fraudulent means had no iota of Brahmanism in them. (There is no basis for kala sarpa yoga in the classic texts). They were no better than muggers of US streets or the goondas who show knives and deprive you of your money in Indian streets or buses. He kept quiet but he continues to make money from kala sarpa yoga.

Astrologers are Backward Classes

Astrologers as a backward class should be seen against the historical background of the British rule during which the Indian literacy had dropped to less than ten percent for males and half percent for females in 1901.

Brahmins who lost patronage forgot their traditional knowledge and had no paramparas (traditional lineage) in any branch. Some families had a smattering of astrology and karmakanda (ceremonial acts) left. They were almost illiterates and no wonder even after independence, in two backward classes reports of 1955 and 1980, astrologers were classified as a backward class!! But vain Brahmins gloriously regarded themselves as heaven's ordained class!! The old controversy got revived---is one a Brahmin by birth or through karmas?

As the society grew prosperous men became more and more immoral, with marriages breaking down, sexual morality becoming an outdated concept for some rich and some prosperous upper and even lower middle class men and women, even girls now. Then there is job tension and there is the worry of a traditional Hindu mother to seek a right husband for her daughter within her caste! The tensions are enormous and people are in search for quick solutions to their problems. 

Here the astrologer, ever ready with a remedy, is in demand. 
This astrologer must first create fright in the minds of his clients and it is done most easily by pointing out kala sarpa yoga or even 'half' kala sarpa yoga. Here he promises to perform a yagna at a cost of some thousands of rupees for shantis. This is the prerogative of the Brahmins. So kala sarpa yoga is a big and newly discovered source of income for Brahmins which is pitiable.Brahmins were meant to be the beacon lights of dharma and spirituality if they themselves reached higher stages of sadhana. But so many of them have become kala sarpa yogis! But such is their miserable plight that they need kala sarpa yoga to survive!! They would keep kala sarpa yoga alive somehow. 

Here is an instance. A fraudulent astrologer runs his paid advertisements on a religious TV channel and advertises himself aggressively to earn fabulously through kala sarpa yoga. He gets yagyas (fire ceremony) done at his house for those people with horoscopes which have the fraudulent kala sarpa yoga. He gets Brahmin priests and has it done at the cost of twenty five thousand rupees per person. In a rich city like Delhi, the richest city of India, he is never short of clientele. 

One girl had come to Delhi from Jabalpur, shown her horoscope to him and since he was getting kala sarpa yoga shanti done at his house, he asked her also to pay for it as her horoscope too suffered from this “defect”! She fell into the trap. 

no kala sarpa yoga
Natal chart of a girl with no kala sarpa yoga 

Later, she came to me and narrated the story. I asked her to go to other astrologers and ask them if her horoscope had this kala sarpa yoga. She told me that she was assured that her horoscope had none. But then she had already been a victim of a double fraud. Is that what Brahmins are supposed to do for our society? Remember, I am a Brahmin myself (by birth).

Ignore Kala Sarpa Yoga

If someone tells you that a particular horoscope suffers from kala sarpa yoga, do not be carried away by it. It is for you to examine the motives and knowledge of the astrologer pointing it out. In these days of commercialism invading all fields and astrology in a very big way do not fall into the traps of these astrologers. And the flood you see on the internet to which most are getting addicted can be further danger of spreading wrong astrology as has been happening for more than a decade now.

What must be done is to examine the horoscope on its merits and demerits which means the achievements shown on the positive side and the obstacles coming because every horoscope has it.

ariel sharon birth data

Vedic Astrology horoscope of Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon's natal chart with 'kala sarpa yoga'

Those who still argue, and those frauds who would not budge an inch on this subject because their earnings will drop, cannot answer a question of mine when I show this horoscope among many (of Ariel Sharon), and without disclosing his identity ask them to tell about his life. These frauds reel off many gloomy predictions. (But they can not explain how he attained such a high position, as the former prime minister of Israel, even with the so-called kala sarpa yoga in his chart.) 

Letter from a Reader to K.N. Rao

From: R P <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: Kala Sarpa Yoga
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 12:33:59 IST

Dear respected Sir,
What a great piece of writing! You are indeed a social reformer for the betterment of the society.

The sad thing is even in Sri Lanka 99.999% of the astrologers make kala sarpa yoga a living for themselves. I wish I could get your articles published in a local newspaper!

You have written on fraudulent astrologers and Brahmins. Let me tell you sir, that even Lord Buddha once said, that a person would become a Brahmin only by his action and not by his birth. May you live long to make more and more people understand and love the divine subject of Astrology, which you make look absolutely scientific without destroying its spirituality. Blessings, 
R. P.

reprinted with permission