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The Los Angeles Lakers recently won the National Basketball Association championship here in the U.S. for the third year in a row, making their coach, Phil Jackson, the most successful of all time. He is tied with legendary Boston Celtics coach, Red Auerbach for the most championships (9) and this year surpassed former Laker coach, Pat Riley, for most playoff victories (154). His teams have now won 24 out of 25 consecutive play offs.

His is a phenomenal record of success in competitive athletics, and it is interesting to see his birth chart in light of this. I believe it has something to teach us all about the meaning of the classical dictum that natural malefics give good results in upachaya houses, particularly the 3rd and 6th houses. 

His birth data from a certificate is:

Phil Jackson's astrology chart
Phil Jackson's Natal Chart

As can bee seen, the three natural malefics, Saturn, Mars and Rahu all fall in the 6th house, Gemini. I've always understood the idea of natural malefics giving better results in the upachaya houses, 3 and 6, as being somewhat akin to the mathematical concept and two negatives make a positive. 

Sri K.N. Rao shared with me the additional perspective that malefics in the 3rd and 6th house give the capacity for sustained, concentrated effort, the ability to struggle against and overcome obstacles, and to assert oneself. This becomes even more pronounced when the malefic involved is Mars, significator of aggression. The 3rd and 6th houses and their lords, along with natural malefics are what come into play when a person is heavily involved in athletic competition.

A couple more points about his chart:

- His father was a Penecostal minister. See the conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun in the 9th house. 

- He changed religion, becoming a well know adherent of Zen Buddhism. See the exchange between the 9th lord Mercury and 8th lord Sun. It happened in Rahu, giving partly the results of its dispositor, Mercury.

It is also interesting to consider his chart in the light of this passage from Chapter 16 of the Phaladeepika, by sage Mantreshwara: 

"When malefics occupy the 6th house, or the lord of the lagna...occupies the 6th house, or is associated with or aspected by malefics....the native will experience constantly intense annoyance from his enemies and the same could not be easily defused." 

It can be seen that Jackson's chart fulfills all these conditions completely:

- 3 malefics occupy the 6th
- lagna lord Saturn is in the 6th
- lagna lord Saturn is with two malefics, Mars and Rahu.

Note this passage from his biography, :

"Jackson annoyed opponents with his awkward, almost clumsy defensive and rebounding style, and led the NBA with 330 personal fouls in 1975."

Phil Jackson has been involved with intensely annoying opponents his whole life. Note the dasha sequence since he was a boy growing up playing basketball:

- Mars (in the 6th)
- Rahu (in the 6th)
- Jupiter (rules the 3rd)
- Saturn (in the 6th)

47 consecutive years so far of intense competition...and counting.

This is why I advocate the close study of the classics of Jyotish once one has learned the fundamentals....provided of course you see these ancient combinations flexibily. Constant struggle against enemies, for Jackson, has been continuous involvement with athletic competition at its most intense and highest level....and very, very successfully. 

reprinted with permission