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K.N. Rao
K.N. Rao


Over the past forty or more years, K.N. Rao has taken on the task of researching the classical texts of Jyotish and testing the principles in modern times. In this way, he has kept alive many of the rarely used predictive systems, and demonstrated, in a scientific manner, their incredible accuracy and validity. 

One area of research that has become his specialty is weather forecasting. Over the years many of his predictions about the timing of earthquakes, drought, and climate change have been accurate. For instance, on January 27, 2001 the Deccan Chroniclereported, "It seems that that quake was fated. Astrologer K.N. Rao author of the best selling, Astrology, Destiny, and the Wheel of Time, in his forecast for 2001 had predicted the country would face crippling natural calamities in the first fortnight of January and also particularly after March. Rao was unfortunately correct."

Most recently Rao predicted on TV (AAJ TAK channel), in June 2006, that there would be snow fall and snow storms in February 2007, due to the Sun-Saturn opposition, which reached its climax in mid February. This again proved correct. India eNews reported that, "Many places in India's northern and eastern regions received rain for the fourth consecutive day Tuesday (Feb 13th)while it snowed in hilly areas..Simla was under deep snow after it received the heaviest spell of snowfall for February Sunday since 1990." K.N. Rao was invited back on TV and was shown side by side with the weather forecaster discussing Simla's snowfall and proving the validity of his prediction.

Rao is one of the few astrologers defending astrology before the scientific community, which is a noble work that he receives criticism for. "Intelligent and sensitive astrologers must not pay any attention to the criticism of astrology by irrational scientists and ignorant astronomers. The rishi tradition must be kept alive,"he says. For more info see Rao's article, "Blind Scientists and Astronomers."