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from the Jyotish-List Yahoo Groups Archives
written May 21, 2002

I was curious to examine the planetary positions on the day Condoleeza Rice was born. Apparently no birth time is available. Someone has proposed 6:25 AM, giving Libra lagna, which may be correct, but I looked at the patterns from a different angle....that of the karakamsha lagna. The karakamsha lagna or ascendant is determined by taking the atmakaraka, or planet with the highest degrees in any sign according to the Jaimini system, and seeing what sign it is placed in in the navamsha chart. That sign becomes the karakamsha lagna in the natal chart. 

astrology chart of Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice's Natal Chart

Condoleezza Rice's Navamsha Chart

It seems almost certain that her Venus at 29-30 of Libra is the planet with the highest degrees. Only the Moon could potentially contest this role, depending on the exact birth time, though it is unlikely. In which case, the karakamsha lagna becomes Gemini, since this sign would be the position of the atmakaraka (AK) in the navamsha.

It is interesting to note how powerful the 5th house of raja, or the authority to rule, becomes from Gemini in the birth chart. At her birth, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were all in Libra. This puts all three trine lords in the 5th house from the karakamsha Gemini, with the 5th lord Venus in its own sign and the 9th lord Saturn in its exaltation sign.

However, what struck me was that by applying the changing karaka scheme used in Jaimini, Venus becomes the AK, the Sun becomes the AmK and Saturn becomes the PK....regardless of whether you use 7 or 8 karakas. This combination of the AK Venus and PK Saturn falling in the 5th house from the karakamsha lagna is termed a Maharaja Yoga in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS) in the chapter on Raja Yogas. It is, in fact, among the first combinations given. This chapter begins by stating that raja yogas in a chart must be seen from the birth lagna and the karakamsha lagna.

It then states that Maha Raja Yoga is formed if:

1. The 1st and 5th lords exchange signs from the birth lagna
2. The 1st and 5th lords combine in either the 1st or 5th houses from the birth lagna
3. The AK and the PK combine in either the 1st or 5th house from the karakamsha lagna.

AND these planets have strength, i.e. are in exaltation, own sign, aspected by benefics etc.

In Rice's case, it can be seen that from the karakamsha lagna Gemini (using the birth chart not navamsha), the AK Venus and the PK Saturn combine in the 5th house, the former in its own sign and the later in its exaltation sign. It is a Maha Raja Yoga, and from what I understand about her background she was provost of Stanford University for 8 years, before getting involved in the Bush campaign and now serving as his Natiional Sercurity Advsior.

This is interesting in that the combination of the AK with the Amk is given in a later chapter in BPHS as one for being an "Amatya" or advisor to the King. Of course, anyone born on this day is going to have this patterning from the karakamsha lagna used in the birth chart, so to see why this has been her particular destiny one would need the exact time to see fruitification of the Maha Raja Yoga in the dasha....and then, of course, divisional charts.

Ronald Reagan had this combination of the AK and PK, only in the 1st house. (Sagittarius). When he ran his Chara dasha of Pisces, from where this combination fell in the 10th house, he becama a Maha Raja....better known in these times as President!

reprinted with permission