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Our Vedic astrology chart reveils valuable information about literally every area of our lives. Since each of us are absolutely unique, what is an important area for one person is not necessarily an important area for the next person. For instance, the following chart is of a woman whose pets are extremely important to her. 

Pets are seen by the 6th house in Vedic astrology. In sage Rama Dayalu's classic text, Sanketa Nidhi, he says, 

"The sixth is also the house of animals. All good and bad about pet animals belonging to the native should be considered from this house." ch. 4, v. 52-53

This may seem odd since the 6th house is also a dusthana house and represents disease, conflicts, competition etc. Perhaps the logic of why the 6th house is the house for pets is because it is the 3rd house (friends, allies) from the 4th house (home). The 6th house is well know as the house of tenants, but of course tenants are not always friends. When I'm not sure about the logic behind a principle I rely on example charts to see if it actually works in practice. So let's see what this example shows. 

Notice how in this woman's chart that the 6th lord, the Sun, is in the ascendant and very close to the ascendant degree. The ascendant or 1st house represents our self and identity, so whatever is in the ascendant is close to us, or a main character trait. This, of course, repeats from Surya lagna or using the Sun as an ascendant. Also, notice how from Chandra lagna, or the Moon ascendant, the 6th lord is again in the ascendant. Furthermore, looking at the Navamsha chart this pattern again repeats with Jupiter the 6th lord in the ascendant with the ascendant lord, Venus. 

Natal Chart

Navamsha Chart

An important character trait of pet lovers is that they are affectionate people by nature. Venus is the planet of affection and love, and is conjunct the Moon in her rasi or natal chart. Venus is also with the 6th lord from the Moon (the Moon itself), and is the ascendant lord with the 6th lord in the Navamsha chart. This shows the affection directed towards her pets. She loves pets so much that she sells pet accessories as a side business. 

This chart gives a convincing example that the rishis of India are once again correct to list the 6th house as the house of pets.