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Till the secrets of Nadi amshas (divisions) are unraveled it will not be possible for astrologers to make totally accurate predictions from birth to death of all the prominent events of a man's life. When a consulter puts a question, concentrating on a portion of his life, astrologers very often give sound and dependable predictions. This is why astrology continues to hold sway as the only reliable and brilliant predictive system. The danger of more quacks and charltans entering the profession will get checked to some extent when the elitist classes take to the study of astrolology as seriously as is now happening in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. 

Nadi amshas are the division of a rashi (sign) of thirty degrees into one hundred and fifty parts. According to some astrologers these parts are again divided into two parts each, which would give to each rashi three hundred parts. Predictions made on this basis are infallible. But the technique is lost at the moment. It will have to be rediscovered and can be done, I hope, in this age of computers.

The fact that the ancient rishis (seers) could go to such finer divisions and use them for predictions stands proven historically and we have brilliant instances of such readings recorded. Yet most of the Nadi readers (in northern India Nadi is know asBhrigu Samhita) are either fakes or use books without anything pertaining to astrology, or both. 

Note: Nadi or Bhrigu readers will read and interpret palm leaves that were written hundreds of years ago in Sanskrit by advanced astrologers with stunningly accurate descriptions of the present birth of a person, including their name, family member's names, country of birth, and key events in their life.

reprinted with permission