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from the Jyotish-List Yahoo Groups Archives

Another interesting chart of a famous movie actor is Sean Penn. It is fascinating to see that, like Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, he became a major movie star in his Jupiter period which is involved in a Gaja Kesari Yoga.

His birth data from a certificate is as follows: 

It gives a 23 degree Scorpio lagna with the Moon at 12 deg of Gemini. Jupiter, the dasha period that brought him to fame as an actor at a very young age, is in its moolatrikona sign Sagittarius and obtains seven good divisions in the dasavarga scheme (10 divisional charts). It is with the 3rd lord of acting, Saturn, and this combination of the 4th and 5th lords forms a raja yoga. Jupiter's opposition to the Moon in Gemini gives the aforementioned Gaja Kesari Yoga (formed by Jupiter in an angle from the Moon), and one involving the 5th and 9th lords. Again it is the real thing, being so strongly positioned.

Sean Penn's Vedic Astrology Chart
Sean Penn's Natal Chart

From the chandra lagna Gemini, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction becomes a dharma karma raja yoga between 9th & 10th lords. It is not difficult to see why fame came to him in his Jupiter major period. At age 19 he did some TV and stage work in Jupiter-Venus. Venus is a natural benefic in the 10th house with an incredibly strong 10th lord Sun and Rahu. The following period of Jupiter-Sun gave him his first movie role in Taps.

This 10th lord Sun is worth examining closely. Not only is it the 10th lord strong in its own sign Leo, but the Sun also gets directional strength in the 10th. But what is truly remarkable about his Sun is that it falls in own or exaltation sign in 9 of 10 dashavargas, including the navamsha, giving it a whopping 19 points in the 20 point varga vimshopaka bala scheme. 

Sean Penn's Navamsha Chart

The following period of Jupiter-Moon, fully activating the Gaja Kesari Yoga, proved even better as he won great acclaim for his role in Fast Times at Ridgemont HIgh. The same set of sub-periods (Sun & Moon) in the following major period of Saturn produced another string of acclaimed, more mature performances, including his Oscar nomination for Dead Man Walking in 1995 in Saturn-Venus.

In Chara dasha this career peak occurred in Pisces, from where there is a conjunction of the AK Saturn and the PK Jupiter, forming a Jaimini raja yoga.

reprinted with permission