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The most common questions that I hear as an astrologer are about relationship: "When will I meet someone?" or "When will I get married?" These may appear to be essentially the same question, however it's important to distinguish between starting a romance, and getting married. Why? Because casual romance or dating is seen from the 5th house, whereas marriage is seen from the 7th house.

Romance is frequently listed as a 5th house indication in Jyotish texts, however this can be confusing because both a casual fling and marriage could be considered "romantic." The distinction is in the level of committment. Dating and casual romance belong to the 5th house because it's the house of entertainment, fun, and play. These are also traits of the sign of Leo, which is the 5th sign corresponding to the 5th house. Whereas the 7th house is the house of marriage and partnership which imply committment. 

The following chart is of a woman who began dating someone in her Saturn-Moon-Saturn dasha. If you only looked at the 7th house as the time for beginning a relationship you may scratch your head and wonder why she met someone during this dasha. You'll notice that neither Saturn or the Moon have much relation to the 7th house, the 7th lord, or Venus (the significator of the 7th house) in either the natal chart or the navamsha chart. Saturn only aspects the 7th lord, the Sun, in the natal chart but it's not a tight aspect by degrees. Saturn also aspects the 7th house in the navamsha chart. The Moon is disposited by Venus who is placed in the 7th house. The Moon has no relation at all to the 7th house in the navamsha chart. In my opinion, these three indications are not enough to indicate a time for marriage. 

Natal Chart

Saturn, however, has a much stronger influence on the 5th house and 5th lord in both the natal chart and the navamsha chart. Notice how Saturn aspects the 5th house, while also aspecting the 5th lord Mercury. This repeats from chandra lagna (Moon ascendant) with Saturn again aspecting the 5th lord Mercury. This again repeats in the Navamsha chart with Saturn being placed in the 5th house, and again aspecting the 5th lord Mercury. In the Navamsha chart, the Moon is in the 9th house (5th from the 5th) and aspected by Jupiter from the 5th house.

Navamsha Chart

This woman has already been married and divorced twice, which unfortunately is not too uncommon in the US. She wasn't looking to get hitched up a third time, but primarily wanted to find a nice man to spend time with. This becomes a 5th house matter. In fact, throughout her entire Saturn dasha, which began in September 1995, she has not been interested in remarrying. However, now that Saturn has just transited into her 7th house, Leo, and will be transiting over Venus, this could represent that this new romance could evolve into a more serious and committed relationship.