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from the Jyotish-List Yahoo Groups Archives

Some of you also may be doubting of the validity of the Virgo lagna chart of FDR's (Franklin D. Roosevelt) chart from the point of view of his six children, which I can well understand, since normally the lord of the 5th in the 8th in its debilitation sign would not give this, and might even deny children altogther.

FDR's Vedic Horoscope

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Natal Chart

In my opinion, what modifies this is the following:

1. Saturn as the 5th lord aspects its own house, which is a classical princple for a house "prospering."

2. Saturn is with the natural benefic Jupiter, karaka of children and planet of largesse.

3. Saturn's dispositor Mars goes to a kendra with directional strength

4. Most importantly in my view (from the standpoint of what its dasha will bring) Saturn is in the nakshatra of Venus, which is in the 5th house if you use Virgo lagna.

Let's not forget also that one of FDR's children died in infancy, which a debilitated 5th lord in the 8th house clearly shows the potential for. However, we could argue all day about whether this 5th house configuration is capable of producing 6 children or not. It is the timing of when these 6 children were born that contributes to my favoring Virgo lagna.

This timing is a follows:

Anna (1906) Saturn-Saturn
James (1907) Saturn-Saturn
Franklin Jr. (1909) Saturn-Mercury
Elliot (1910) Saturn-Mercury
Franklin Jr. (1914) Saturn-Venus
John (1916) Saturn-Sun

FDR started having children only in his Saturn period, not in the previous Jupiter period, that would be the 5th lord for Simha lagna.

Moreover, a late degree Simha (Leo) lagna would give an Aquarius saptamsha lagna, which would put Saturn (the dasha that produced his children) in the 6th house of that varga. An early degree Virgo lagna puts Saturn in the 5th house of D-7 (saptamsha). 

FDR's Saptamsha Chart - divisional chart for children 

Then look at sub-periods. All of them are sambhanda (connected) with either Saturn, the 5th lord if you use Virgo, or Capricorn, the 5th house if you use Virgo.

Saturn-Saturn: The period and sub-period of the 5th lord from Virgo
Saturn-Mercury: Mercury is disposited by the 5th lord from Virgo
Saturn-Venus: Venus is in the 5th house, Capricorn, from Virgo
Saturn-Sun: Sun is in the 5th house from Virgo

If I use Leo lagna I would be hard pressed to explain this timing of the birth of his children.

If you cross-check this timing in Chara dasha, his first four children were born in Capricorn (1903 to 1912), the 5th house from Capricorn and containing the PK Venus (if seven karakas are used).

You can check it using a third dasha, like Yogini, and see that he first started having children in Venus, which goes into the 5th house from Virgo. This timing, and that of many other life events compared to a late degree Simha (Leo) lagna and its vargas, convinced me that Virgo is correct

reprinted with permission