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from Planets and Children, - Ch. 2

I was lucky that an old astrologer on his pilgrimage had come to me to help him cast a horoscope and, in return, like a true sattvic (pure) Brahman, he gave me a parting gift. He repeatedly told me, "Nothing in the world can happen unless Saturn and Jupiter plan it out. You cannot even produce a child without their blessing." When I told my late mother about this, she not merely agreed but proved it to me. She was excellent in two areas: childbirth and prashna (horary). My mother was the Goddess Saraswati, the Vedic goddess of learning, incarnate to me. She gave me the following instructions:

Saturn and Jupiter must have aspected the 5th lord, or the 5th house within say one year of the birth of any child. She had learned it from an Andhra Pradesh Brahmin of Masulipatnam sixty years ago and what I described as principles of Maharishi Bhrigu, also known as Nadi principles in South India. Both are the same. The method is foolproof. 

She also insisted on the examination of the Navamsha (9th division), the Saptamsha (7th division) and the mahadasha after applying the snapshot method. 

reprinted with permission 


K.N. Rao's basic snapshot method for predicting childbirth is: 

Saturn and Jupiter by transit should have aspected the:

- 5th house or
- 5th lord or 
- 9th house (9th house is the 5th house from the 5th house) or
- 9th lord 

within nine months of the birth of the child through:

- Direct motion
- Retrograde motion, in which case it give effects from the previous house also.