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This is the supposed chart of criminal Richard Allen Davis. I say supposed because this really doesn't look to me like the chart of a criminal for a number of reasons discussed below. So if you chose "No, definitely" in yesterday's quiz I believe you are right. 

Natal Chart

First of all, Saturn is exalted in the ascendant as the 4th and 5th lord (yogakaraka). This gives Shasha Mahapurusha yoga which elevates Saturn's benefic qualities like discipline, responsibility, etc. The ascendant is Libra, which is a non aggressive and non violent sign, with Venus in the 9th house with the 9th lord, Mercury, Jupiter, the 10th lord Moon, and Ketu. This forms mutliple raja yogas in the 9th house, the house of dharma, righteousness, and morality. The fact that with this chart the 5th lord is exalted in the ascendant, and the 9th lord is strong in its own sign with Jupiter, the planet of ethics and wisdom, would indicate someone with moral standards. Davis professes to be neither moral nor religious. 

Davis, however, became infamous in the early to mid nineties as the kidnapper and murderer of the 12 year old northern Californian girl, Polly Klaas. He is currently in death row in a California prison.

I believe that he must have been born at least 15 minutes later, giving him Scorpio ascendant. 

With Scorpio ascendant his chart takes on a very different, more violent and criminal personality. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of violence. Mars is with Rahu adding to the volatiility of Mars, the ascendant lord. Added further to the malefic nature of the Mars is the aspect by Saturn from the 12th house. Furthermore, his ascendant then is hemmed in by malefics on either side, forming a Papa Kartari Yoga. Classic texts describe Papa Kartari Yoga as giving criminal tendencies. "The person might have criminal tendencies, ill-health, unwholesome food, excessive sexual urge, intention to grab the wealth of others."This certainly fits Davis's description as he was a rapist, burglurer, and drug addict. In my research on Davis I learned thatin his youth he would douse cats with gasoline and then set them on fire. This sounds much more like someone with Scorpio ascendant, ruled by Mars (fire, violence). 

The ascendant and ascendant lord is the foundation of the chart. It should describe clearly the basic character traits of the person. The Scorpio ascendant, ruled by Mars who is heavily afflicted by malefics, is very different than Libra, ruled by Venus placed in the 9th house surrounded by benefics. With Scorpio the planets that were in the 9th house of righteousness, become the 8th house which is an unlawful, defiant, rebellious, and criminal house. This becomes especially true of the 8th house when aspected by malefics like Mars, Rahu and Ketu. 

The correctness of the birth time is an ongoing issue that we need to be aware of. The chart should make logical sense. In Davis's case his birth time was quoted as 6:34 pm in an article, but it's not as reliable as the quoting of the birth certificate. Even with the best source for the birth data, the birth certificate, it still may not have been recorded accurately by the nurses in the hospital. Therefore, we always need to treat the birth time with suspicion until the chart and the person can be explained clearly and logically.