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The Heisman Trophy is the most coveted award given to the best college football player of year. Tomorrow, Saturday December 8th, is the day that it will be awarded to one of four candidates - Colt Brennan, Tim Tebow, Darren McFadden, and Chase Daniel. I thought it would be interesting to try to predict the winner based purely on the transits of the day in relation to the charts of the four players using 12pm as their birth time since the real birth time is unavailable. This is not Vedic astrology at it's best since without a real birth time we can't use the dashas and the yogas which combined are the key predictive tools of Jyotish. However, even though the transits are secondary to the dashas in Jyotish, they can give good clues as the outcome of an event.

When analyzing transits, generally speaking, we want to focus first on the slowest moving transits: Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, and Jupiter. For an award we want to give the most weight to Jupiter since it's the great benefic and giver of blessings. For instance, Jupiter's transit to the natal Moon of a candidate could represent positive, uplifted emotions that could come as a result of winning the reward. 

My hopeful winner of the Heisman is Colt Brennan, quarterback of the University of Hawaii. I rarely watch football, let alone college football, but I live in Hawaii and Brennan's created such a stir all throughout the state by leading UH to an undefeated season (the only in the nation!) and Hawaii's first trip to a post-season bowl game that I've become his fan. Watch YouTube highlights of UH's recent game against Washington when Brennan led the team to come from behind in the final minutes of the game. 

However, based on transits I would say that Tim Tebow has the best chance to win. By transit Jupiter is at 3 degrees Sagittarius and Venus is at 10 degrees Libra. Both of the great benefics will be aspecting Tebow's natal Moon and Jupiter in Aries at 1 degrees and 5 degrees respectively. This should be a very positive trip to New York for the awards for Tebow. He's the front runner according to analysts and the transits are supporting this.

If Tebow wins then who is the runner up based on the transits? Darren McFadden was the runner up last year. This year, however, look how Saturn and Ketu by transit hem in his natal Sun, Mars, and Venus in Leo. This could represent a disappointment certainly. However, Jupiter's transit in Sagittarius aspects Leo which could reverse this especially since this means that the double transit of Jupiter/Saturn will aspect this position. However, this is the 12th house from his natal Moon. I like the fact that the double transit will be in Colt Brennan's 10th house from the Moon, and Chase Daniel's for that matter. But in Brennan's chart Jupiter's transit will aspect his Venus and Mercury in Leo, whereas in Daniel's chart there are no planets in the 10th from the Moon. Brennan will also have the Sun, Moon, and Mercury transiting over his natal Moon. This is certainly favorable. My vote is that Tebow gets the Heisman and Brennan is the runner up. 

Just a note on the side, notice how Tebow, Brennan, and McFadden all have Saturn and Mars mutually aspecting one another. This is a common combination for very tough competitors, especially athletes. 

Watch YouTube highlights of all four players. 

The Final Results given on December 8th:
Tim Tebow wins the Heisman Trophy
Darren McFadden is runner up
Colt Brennan is 3rd place
Chase Daniel is 4th place


Transits December 8, 2007
Transits December 8, 2007 


Colt Brennan's Vedic astrology chart

Colt Brennan's Natal Chart 


Tim Tebow's Vedic astrology chart

Tim Tebow's Natal Chart 


Darren McFadden's Vedic astrology chart

Darren Mcfadden's Natal Chart



Chase Daniel's Vedic astrology chart

Chase Daniel's Natal Chart