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In a previous article, Romance and the 5th House, we discussed the role that the 5th house plays in the starting of a romance and how this differs from the 7th house of committed partnership. Here's another example showing the start of a romance with the 5th house involved. 

The following chart is of a man who began his Rahu-Venus dasha in April 2007. Venus is the karaka or significator of relationship in general in any chart, but becomes a double significator for Aries and Scorpio ascendants as the ruler of the 7th house as well. In this man's case, Rahu is conjunct Venus the 7th lord making a Rahu Venus dasha a very likely time for a relationship. However, this is a nearly 3 year sub dasha of Venus, so which sub sub period is the most likely? This romance began in his Moon sub period, which is placed in the 5th house of romance showing again the role that the 5th house plays in the beginning of a romance.

Natal Chart


The transits at the time of the start of their romance on January 18th, show the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn aspecting his 5th house as well, reinforcing the time for romance. In addition, Venus the 7th lord is transiting through Scorpio over natal Rahu and Venus, the maha dasha and antardasha lords. 

Transits January 18, 2008